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Answers to Commonly-Asked Questions

Christian Business Network is a non-profit organization for all Christian denominations.
Membership Applications
You must attend a roundtable to obtain a membership application to Christian Business Network.
Membership is affordable
Both non-profit Christian ministries and for-profit businesses may join Christian Business Network for 6 months or 1 year, and save costs (6 month memberships give you one free meeting, 1 year memberships give you two free meetings.)  You may pay for membership via check at a meeting or with our online membership payment system.  (Ask a CBN officer how to access that form.)  If you want to attend a single meeting, pay for the meeting and the meal served at the roundtable through our RSVP system at the following link: online reservation system. 
Meeting Agenda
CLICK HERE to scroll down to see a standard CBN Team Roundtable agenda, at the end of this page.
RSVP Difficulties?
If you have questions about your RSVP,
email info@AustinCBN.org or call our voice mail (512) 498-9005.

Meal costs
 :  Meals and payment method varies with meeting location:
  • Attend the meeting with no meal for $10.00. RSVP and pay at our RSVP link:
  • Attend a single meeting and reserve your meal for $30.00, or, if this is your first visit, use the first visit link to attend for the member price of $25 at the following link: RSVP . 
Roundtable time: 2nd Thursdays
CBN meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at lunchtime , from 11:30 -1:00 PM. 
Networking at lunch meetings is at 11:30-11:45 and 12:45-1:00.  Opening prayer at 11:45.
Additional 30 minutes' networking time available at meeting sites after all meetings.
Please arrive during networking time so you can get your meal and be seated by the opening prayer.  
Each team meets at a set location; currently we have one downtown location.  You may attend any or all of the locations as often as you like.  Each team meets once each month; you are welcome to attend all teams.
1st Thursday - no meeting
2nd Thursday - DOWNTOWN
                        Lead On Team Roundtable
3rd Thursday - no meeting
4th Thursday - no meeting
5th Thursday - no meeting  
                       Check our RSVP calendar.
Roundtable Locations:
Forming New CBN Teams 
 When a CBN team forms, that team's directors choose the following for their team:
  • location
  • meeting day
  • how often each month that team will meet
  • whether they will meet at breakfast time or noontime, and
  • what food arrangements are made for the meeting.

Our vision is to have four to six CBN Teams in the Austin area, and spread throughout Texas and the USA.

Want a CBN team in your area? Contact Us about how to start one!
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Visit our About Us page or email us your question(s.)

2005 Christian Business Network and Partnering with Purpose . A Non-Profit Organization