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ZZHopeFest Austin 2006

Christian Business Network is coordinating 


Three Special Areas of
Business Participation for HopeFest.


Providing Items Needed:

  1. Email us at info@AustinCBN.org to tell us of your interest in donating items.
  2. Christian Business Network is collecting donations to make a volume purchase of one item needed-Baby Wipes to be given to young families on Oct 28.
Click here if you wish to to see a list of additional donated items needed for HopeFest, but please use the BACK button to return to this page on our site and email CBN at info@AustinCBN.org rather than the contact listed on the site, so that we can reduce the HopeFest committee's workload.

The following items are not listed on HopeFest's website; these donations are being coordinated by CBN.  Email us at info@AustinCBN.org if you are interested in providing any of these:

Items Not Listed on Website, but Useful for Oct 28:

Bibles, English & Spanish

Lemonade Mix


Christian Tracts, English & Spanish

Iced Tea Mix or Prepared Ice Tea


Paper/plastic products - plates, glasses, knives, forks & spoons

Brunch Snacks


Printing:  flyers &  signage/banners



Important items HopeFest seeks to BORROW for the day on Oct 28:

Event Tents -  large and small

Large coolers/dispensers for drinks


Sound equipment



In-kind Donation of Business Services

If you feel led to donate your business services, even if you don't see it listed as a need on the HopeFest site, contact info@AustinCBN.org(Food service/prep is especially needed.)

Employment Opportunities for Reagan Area Residents

In addition, if your business may be able to provide employment now or at a future time for persons living in the Reagan area, please let us know.  Through this email, as a way to provide long-term blessings, we will construct a contact list for ministries to use to help Reagan residents seek work.  Email job info to info@AustinCBN.org

General Information about HopeFest

CLICK HERE for HopeFest Austin website


HopeFest and 60 Days of Blessing

When:  HopeFest =Sat., Oct 28, 10 AM to 4 PM 

            60 Days of Blessing = Sept 23-Nov 23

Where:  HopeFest =Reagan High School

60 Days of Blessing = 2 mile radius around Reagan HS

Cost:  FREE

Projected Attendance:  3,000-4,000

What:  HopeFest is an interdenominational Christian 1-day celebration and 2-month period of service to bless a community in our area.  HopeFest originated from the suggestion of the international committee sponsoring Global Day of Prayer in June and is funded by the offering taken at Austin's GDOP.


CLICK HERE or HopeFest Oct 28 Day of Celebration volunteer information.
CLICK HERE for 60 Days of Blessing volunteer information.

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